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[sticky post] Journal kinda moved - or maybe not! [May. 2nd, 2013|10:03 pm]
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My primary journal will be, from now on, my website's one. HERE.

I will keep posting on LJ as well, however - please note - some pics may not work at first, some links may end up being broken, etc. I will not be able to LJ-cut everything (does anyone read my journal here anyway?) so you're welcome to let me know if something is not working: I will be grateful even if I will not be able to fix it pronto.

Thank you to everyone who's still following me after so many years. THANK YOU <3

Black and White: if it's made of latex, it's better! [May. 10th, 2013|12:04 am]
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Read this entry in my website: click here

I forgot to post this portrait on my journal, what a shame!

I am a lucky girl as I got to work with one of my favourite, and no doubt most talented too, photographers. I created this look as opposite to the sexy dress - latex lingerie (high waisted girdle, strapless bra and a harness) and Fabiana took some awesome pictures. Oh dear. She managed to make me look pretty even if I was sick that day. Actually, I am kinda a silent, shy-lookalike person myself, however that day I barely talked and I was not exciting at all. I assumed I was just tired - afterall those were hard and endless days at work, and I suffered a severe lack of sleep as well - however apparently I was that grumpy due to the fever. Meh :)

The super chocker I am wearing (you can spot a piece of harness, too!!) has been handcrafted with love by VinNoir Latex. You can peek at the full outfit HERE.

I have a thing for stripes <3

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Kustom World magazine, Issue 17, (April/May 2013) [May. 3rd, 2013|12:01 am]
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Read this entry in my website: click here

So I come back home this evening and find such a surprise! Thank you Cunene

Kustom World magazine, Issue 17, (April/May 2013)

Models are:
(first row) Kory Kong, Sara Ronco, Delilah - Sixthessence
(second row) Miss Sophie Champagne, Catherine Poulain and Titi La Noire :)

Even if it's just a small publication I am so happy! Also, totally unexpected!!! Wheeee! ♥♥♥

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Some of my very first pictures :O [May. 2nd, 2013|10:26 pm]

Today I was looking for a new pic to decorate my journal with (as I have a number of previews to show off) and I stumbled upon these instead.

2004. Almost 10 years ago! So long I can't believe it. At that time, I was living in Belgium. I had some previous experience with modelling, not that much as I mostly took reference pics for artwork (stock images) and modelled for some friends who were willing to take pictures. At that time, nobody in my area was willing to shoot a weirdo and everyone was interested in typical classic "girl next door" attitude. Not my cup of tea.

This has been one of my very first photosets. The first one in a real studio. I still remember it as a mix of amazingness and fear. The studio was huge and so beautiful. There were other two models with me, shooting their own nude sets before my turn. They were all pretty and young, yet not helpful, babbling in their own language all of the time (my language skills weren't that good at the time and I was more used to hear Dutch than Flemish, actually). I assume they were friends and I was the weird stranger goth-looking, so well...

Nonetheless, I managed it successfully :)

We took many pictures and, in the end and after so many years, only 3 from the original set are still online. I was naive and inexperienced and the photographer did a great work. So many memories!

I did not know how to dress up - I had no fancy dresses, no real corsets, no jaw-dropping gowns. I did not know anyone that could have helped me. There was no makeup artist, no hair stylist, nobody else. So I dressed up like I did everyday, did my usual makeup (and lately I did the other models makeup too regarding "my" set), brushed my hair. Scared and happy, uncertain about the day to come, I left for my adventure.

Nine years ago, and today I'm still there. I sometimes can't believe it myself. And this all happened because I really loved what I did. Never gave up, even if I was living in the Middle of Nowhere and I had no means, no money, no photographers available. Even if I had to travel so much for a single photoset, and I often had to do everything by myself, from concept to clothing to post production. I worked my ass off - really :)

One last picture. It makes me softly smile :)


Photographer: Raymond Janssen
Co-Models: Kim and Nina


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Hello! Back in Milano :) [May. 1st, 2013|10:24 pm]
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Almighty Cthulhu and I say hello! Back in Milan at last, my holiday is over already. Boo!

And now, couple of weeks of full work/relax with my mom (who came over visiting) until I begin shooting like there's no tomorrow. I am booked until the first week of June; getting a small break right after as I guess I will need it badly. Still planning summer shoots though :)

Delilah and Cthulhu

For more pics like this one, follow me on instagram! Cthulhu Cameo necklace by Crinoline and Monsters :)

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Fabiana Antolini and Black Candy Alternative Fashion: such a combo! [Apr. 24th, 2013|10:23 pm]
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Leaving today! Going back home for a few days. The 25th is a holiday in Italy (Liberation Day) and, therefore, a day off. Took the advantage, couple of days off more and a small holiday will happen. Dentist, friends and relatives - all squeezed into my 5-days-stay.

Willing to post couple of pictures more. Amazing photographer is Fabiana Antolini and designer is Black Candy Alternative Fashion

Hair and makeup by me. I hope I did well; I do my makeup in most of my shoots, however I always prefer having a pro makeup artist / hair (MUAH) when shooting beauty pictures for obvious reasons :)

Fun anecdote behind this photo: we did not manage to find an available MUAH for the shoot. Everyone seemed to be either out of town, fully booked... or whatever :)

I was quite busy during that week (I work a lot indeed), so at a certain point I got tired about asking and admitting that fate was blatantly against me (plus buckets of bad luck, whee! :)). At the end, I decided to take it as an opportunity instead of the other way round. I am not as skilled as a pro, however I did my best. Fabiana is otrageously talented and this is the result.

So, on a side note: we are in Milan area, Italy. If any Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist is willing to be part of any of my upcoming projects and is up for a cooperation, let me know! Designers are very welcome as well ♥

Delilah Black Candy Fabiana Antolini

And this is a full-body image that shows Black Candy's work in all of its glory :). Amazing red bodice (which is laced up as a corset, we did not take pictures of the back...) with front heart-shaped cut, custom-made bra with delicate bow accents and hair accessories such a fascinator hairpiece featuring red handmade roses and a veil covered my a few small, sparkly and amazing heart-shaped crystal-like strasses :). The latter will better be seen in future pictures though. As for now, let these two be enough! :)

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"Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies!" [Apr. 23rd, 2013|10:19 pm]
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Delilah and Darth Vader


A little bit of story behind this photo.

Shooting with Darth Vader has been one of my dreams for long time. Ok, add Mario and Luigi as well. I have been lusting after that dark helmet for months and never got it. Then, it just happened, with no planning. It came out as the only one picture (how I regret it! We would have matched for a whole photoset! :D).

Fabiana and I were shooting. On the other room there were 3 people - nice guys came to help who have been exceptionally funny, patient and caring ♥.

At some point, we heard knocking. The door opened and HE walked into the room, with his lightsaber on. The other two guys were laughing like hell. I started laughing too, while Darth Vader said "we were getting bored!". I wish I could have taken a picture of Fabiana's face. Priceless.

We took one pic together. Then he walked off the dark room, closed the door behind him, and we didn't see Darth Vader ever since. Thank you Luca, you made a dream come true without even knowing it ♥

And thanks to the super-photographer Fabiana, who took the best photo I probably shot in 10 years or so. I think I'll make a poster of this one and put it on my living room, ahah!

"Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies!".

Photography by Fabiana Antolini
Latex by VinNoir Latex
Model/HS/MUA: Delilah

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I like to procrastinate. Pictures by Ettone and Roberto [Apr. 20th, 2013|08:38 pm]
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All hail the queen of procrastination!

During past months I worked with some extraordinary people. After many years I met Ettone and Saramiao. It took so long since we first met online! I am now living in Milano and this makes things easier. I did not really have the chance to meet many people before. So, meeting them has been kind of a dream come true.

On the same day I also shoot with Roberto, who has been all kinds of awesome. Many photos have been posted on my fb already, so in order to catch up with stuff in my journal and not making a too huge photo post, I'll go or one each plus my favourite: the backstage pic.

From left to right: Ettone, Saramiao, Delilah, Roberto

The first picture I am posting is by Ettone :) - this one is very different, funny and fresh. Amazing how he can combine darkness and fun!

roberto sacchetti

On a totally different style, the following pic is by Roberto. It reminds me of a disarticulated doll - just like he suggested while posing. Like a doll forgot somewhere.

Life is going okay. I love my work, my colleagues, and that's a bold part of my whole life at the moment. In a few months I will be planning something else, such as moving in a new apartment probably. Who knows.
As for now, I won't stress about it and keep posting pictures :). I got lots of sets lined up until mid/the end of June already (according to my spare days) so there still is much to do :)

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New design and interview by Gisela Scerman (Italian) [Apr. 19th, 2013|12:01 pm]
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[Current Mood |sleepy]

Oh hai!

I spent some time redesigning the journal. Not much, honestly, so I am expecting some more comments from you in order to improve the whole website (thanks to everyone that sent me messages and comments after I posted on my fb page!).

Due to little time, I am redesigning stuff step by step. I manually copied the latest entries to this new journal; archives from 2005 are still available on the web (see first entry; also I will keep updating the web archive so no entry will be missing). It is now possible to comment here; note that I will not approve hateful comments. Thankfully I have been lucky so far, however I better state it before :)

I procrastinated a bit and did not update the website for a long while. There are a bunch of news and awesome pictures to post. Still some tuning to do.

In the meanwhile, if you can read Italian, here's a new interview by Gisela Scerman :)

...oh, and find me on a bunch of social networks! Look at the links on the right sidebar (or check my page since I am collecting the majority of my links there :))
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2013: so long and thank you for all the fish! [Mar. 10th, 2013|09:00 pm]
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[Current Location |Milan, Italy]
[Current Mood |sleepy]

Long time not posting! I've never been good at this blogging thing :)

Actually, I had some technical problem (long story short, both of my computers got broken, mad workload, crazy schedule and such stuff) so I am going to catch up with a single entry.

My life, during past year and in a special way latest months, changed quite a while. I moved (now living in Milan, Italy), met lots of new people, lost others. In a special way missing my dad has been terrible. It still is. Months pass by, people do forget, however I do not. It didn't change a thing by my side. I still dream him at night and can't believe he's not with me anymore.

On the bright side, I got a new job (the reason for what I moved to Milano) and I am happy. My colleagues are ace, my bosses are the best. I managed to find heaven somehow and can't wait to learn more and more and be more and more productive.

I also kept shooting. Living in Milano means I got lots of awesome photographers all around. I am very busy with work, however I managed to squeeze in some shoots, and planning more. Sadly I am able to shoot during weekends only and I am not available every weekend, though I got some amazing results. Living in such a big city makes the difference. I didn't have such an opportunity back then :)

Time to post some new pics and stop babbling: photo by Ettone :)

Will update my website soon :)
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