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[sticky post] Journal kinda moved - or maybe not! [May. 2nd, 2013|10:03 pm]
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My primary journal will be, from now on, my website's one. HERE.

I will keep posting on LJ as well, however - please note - some pics may not work at first, some links may end up being broken, etc. I will not be able to LJ-cut everything (does anyone read my journal here anyway?) so you're welcome to let me know if something is not working: I will be grateful even if I will not be able to fix it pronto.

Thank you to everyone who's still following me after so many years. THANK YOU <3

Happy Review: Tetris Lamp by TroppoTogo.it [May. 8th, 2014|10:31 pm]

These days have been very tiresome. Dabbled myself between a move, several meetings, work stuff and I managed to fit a much needed holiday in between!

On the brightest side, I got something which really is bright. And pretty. What to expect from me if not a piece of geeky furniture?
I got this unbelievable Tetris lamp from TroppoTogo. It is an Italian website that sells awesome stuff, comparable to the most famous American ThinkGeek - just that it's a great alternative in Italy/Europe :). Service has been courteous and quick - I received my parcel in a few days.

The lamp really is pretty and I like it so much that I thought a review would be cool.

Let's start by saying that, of course, it's something a real oldschool gamer would die for. I mean, hello? It's TETRIS! It's geek house decor at its finest. If it only played music from the game, I would think to be in Heavens :D (this is the only thing I would love to see added - together with a bit of heavier/magnetic pieces skeleton, why not, so they feel more stable when you stack them).

A bit of history: I bet everyone knows about Tetris but, in case not, here's a small introduction.

First released in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, this "Soviet tile-matching puzzle video game" became popular on every system all over the world. Such a triumph!

The game itself is about tile-matching; pieces fall from the sky to the ground and the player is capable of manipulating (ie, rotating) the Tetriminos (which is the actual name of the Tetris pieces). The aim is to form a line with no empty spaces; when this happens, the line disappears making room for more pieces and so on. A better explanation could be found on wikipedia page and on the official tetris website - where you can play the game online :)

Back to the actual stuff! The lamp is composed by as many pieces as the original Tetris game, so seven in number. The best part is that tetriminos are stackable, moveable, and can be positioned in so many combinations. When you take a piece off the stack, the light for that piece turns off but when you stack them together, they illuminate.

It looks really great and the lamp does never look boring as you can change the tetriminos combinations and give it a new appearance. I am planning to connect it with Arduino and use it as a wifi on/off switch, of course connected to the party button project ;). As for the website, TroppoTogo offers many different gift ideas and I'm excited to find so much stuff in there. Lack of ideas, no more!

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Manic Mosh Magazine #5 [Apr. 8th, 2014|10:30 pm]

Wow! On MANIC MOSH Magazine featuring pictures by Fabiana Antolini, The.Ory PhotoArt, Wasabi, Cunene, Teacup Laboratories Lab, Marco Lorè and outfits by VinNoir Latex and Black Candy Alternative Fashion :)

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Girl Geek Dinner Milano #29 [Apr. 1st, 2014|10:29 pm]

On Friday evening I attended the wellknown GirlGeekDinner meeting- in Milan, Italy. GGD's are a bit everywhere and, from time to time, a meeting happens. At that point, if you are lucky and get sorted for the evening, you can attend the dinner. It was my case.

Full of expectations and a bit shy, I entered the zone. There is much to say about tech and girls; I like this kind of meetings because I can get in touch with a different reality - a bunch of girls that really are into any sort of stuff and grab the chance to see eachother. It indeed is a girl-oriented meeting, even if also guys are welcome (as guests only) and I totally see the point. It's a bit like highlander, or vampires. You know.

My first GGD has been very pleasant. First: stellar organization. Buffet has been provided by MiCasa and I have been happy to see that there was quite a variety of sandwiches and food. I had vegetarian rice and veg "slice of toasted bread with stuff"(can't remember sorry :P); it is not easy to find meat-free stuff when attending conferences, let alone ingredients written next to the food. Loved it. Bigtime. And it was delicious!

Second: girls were funny and awesome! Organizers were rockstars. The location (EarlyMorning) was awe and there also was a mobile arcade: videogames in their finest form... not to mention the drones (a parrot, a ladybug and couple more, brought there by Sarah Volpi).

We also got couple of gifts; a #ggd pin I love to pieces and a tripod stool we used when talk time has come; just opened it and sat on. The sponsor was Microsoft Onedrive :). Microsoft does support many events, kudos to them for this reason.

The evening has been mostly about networking and listening to lovely mini-5minutes-talks. Ten representative women had something to say, and here is the list of the speakers for the evening if you are curious.  More an hint about the arguments than a real talk, and there was no really indepth tech talk (even if we got to see some code) but again: it was a friendly meeting, not a coding conference :). Ten people means ten different topics, and I loved the variety. If one wants to know more, either asking to the speaker or googling are an option :)

The result has been great. I left the location with sprinkles of unicorn happiness. Thank you GGD, see you next time!

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Green screen adventures! [Mar. 26th, 2014|10:28 pm]

Past weekend has been spent playing with a big screen. I am not allowed to show more pictures nor to say anything for now (boo!) about this project that does not involve me only but a whole super-team.

I am very, very curious about the results, which will be available in some months. Green screen stuff is hard work! So here is the one and only backstage picture I am allowed to share so far. As soon as I'll be able to tell you more (or share more images), I will!

Anecdote: All of this started, for me, many years ago. Then the project (which was photography only, at that time) kinda freezed for several reasons. I've never played this character with anyone, not even for pictures, until the original photographer I had to shoot with appeared again (long story :)).

I am not being "Delilah" here; I am playing a role I love so much since forever and I've been so lucky to be included in this awesome project together with some very talented people.

Countdown does start now :)

(Thank you to everyone involved! You made my day ♥ credits will follow!)

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Medusa [Mar. 26th, 2014|10:28 pm]

What can I say? Wow!

The artist behind this amazing portrait is Christian Melfa - the makeup (yes it's real!) is by Dasdy MakeUp Artist :)

This image will soon be on sale as print. Please contact me or the photographer if you are interested! :)

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Dominatrix - Amsterdam's fetish scene and sunny days [Mar. 13th, 2014|10:27 pm]

Back from Dominatrix Party! After the party I did stay couple of extra days in Amsterdam, I have been blessed by a fantastic sun so I walked nonstop for all of the time.

Here is a quick self shoot with my fantastic Dominatrix Tshirt - all of us models got one! I met so many people from all around the world and extraordinary models, designers and photographers. Wow.

Now one weekend to rest and next one I will be off in Genova for shootings and videos. It's a very, very busy period for me :)

Couple of pictures more: a pic of the catwalk for VinNoir Latex at Dominatrix Party past weekend! I walked for VinNoir latex together with some other gorgeous girls <3

Other than me (not difficult to spot with that greenhair, right?) you can see the super-pretty Dani Divine and Alesia Crow (Thanks to Jenny Liggins for the picture!).

And yay, here is another pic of the catwalk!

Thanks to bommi for the picture!

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And the bear says: "don't touch my honey!" [Feb. 28th, 2014|10:26 pm]

Stay away from my honey!

A good use for my cute kigurumi ;)

Photography: Christian Melfa Photography
MakeUp: Dasdy MakeUp Artist
Model: Delilah - Sixthessence

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It's cyberlove! More virtual reality themed shoots :) [Feb. 28th, 2014|10:25 pm]
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This picture is a tribute to cyberspace & virtual reality and the feelings that revolve around this. Escape the boundaries and embrace a multi dimensional world, endlessly suspended between the concrete ground and nowhere.

This image could not have been possible without the help of:
Babele Dunnit - who, once more, allowed me to use one of his (real) virtual reality helmets for photos
Christian Melfa Photography - who created this piece of art
Ko - who agreed to model with me for this picture
Dasdy MakeUp Artist - who took care of the makeup

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Weekend in Genova and meeting Christian Melfa for a shoot [Feb. 28th, 2014|10:24 pm]
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I spent an awesome weekend in Genova, Italy. Met some people, ran around like crazy and didn't even manage to do everything and to meet everyone. Next time, next time.

Surprisingly, I got the first picture right this morning. Note that we stopped shooting around 18.30 yesterday evening, so Christian has been *really* quick. I couldn't believe it when I got it this morning, wow.

So, here's the first picture; I loved working with everyone yesterday, what a great time I had!. Can't wait to do that again, I'm totally grateful and happy for the weekend. Totally! <3

Photography: Christian Melfa Photography
MUAH: Dasdy MakeUp Artist
Eyepatch: Cunene
Model: Delilah - Sixthessence

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